WhyAdvertise with Tidbits?

We distribute where people have to wait restaurants, doctor’s offices, etc. When people wait they read Tidbits. National research shows that for every paper picked up there are nearly 4 readers.  We’re not you’re your ordinary depressing new, we provide uplifting and fun content for our readers.  Your ad will not get lost in section D page 7.  Every ad is near great text and fun activities – it will be seen, over and over!

Benefits of Print Advertising

The big talk among marketers these days is how to get the most from online marketing efforts. While online advertising is a good component of an ad campaign, the best marketing efforts take a multi-media approach and combine online and print ads.  Tidbits offers the best of both worlds.  A new Tidbits is posted online each week.  Ads containing your website address and hyperlinked.

Additional Benefits

Additionally, we promote our advertisers who utilize Facebook on our Tidbits Facebook page.  There are no charges for this service.

Targeted Marketing

Tidbits offers the ability to target a specific demographic.  Companies can target readers based on common interests, profession, region or a variety of other factors.  We have sections that are written specifically for Veterans, Children, Senior Citizens, Gardeners, Pet Lovers, Golfers and those who want to improve their physical fitness.

Print Ads Have High Retention Rates

Print readers are also very loyal readers. People who read magazines or newspapers do so regularly.  This loyalty, combined with the high retention rates, make print a very important medium for branding.

Tidbits Ad Price Sheet

Advertising with Tidbits is very reasonable.  We have several long term discounts that can save you as much as 20% off our normal low rates. 

 Tidbits is the River Valley’s only weekly publication dedicated to wholesome entertainment and promotion of businesses and events in the entire region. It’s distributed to over 200 locations and expanding for more coverage & has a readership of over 30,000 (including 3500 plus online readers) each week.